IT needs are growing – including those of small to medium size entities.  With ever increasing dependence on IT, those organizations are facing a dilemma:

  • They are outgrowing their ability to host their own systems inhouse,

  • But are concerned about classic data center hosting in terms of availability, costs, security, etc.


Small to medium size businesses require an option that does not demand a level of investment they may not need or can ill afford. 

To meet the requirements, Patriot IT has developed a unique solution -- it is based on the “Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)” that provides a tailorable, cost-effective solution for achieving IT objectives in both short and long terms.


IaaS is a service whereby enterprises rent or lease servers for computation and data storage.

Users can run any operating system or application on the rented servers without the maintenance and operating costs associated with general use data centers.

Other advantages of IaaS include:


  • Providing clients access to servers in geographic locations close to their end users.

  • Scaling the infrastructure, both up and down, depending on demand

  • Offering a guaranteed service-level agreement in terms of uptime and performance

  • Eliminating a client’s need to provision and manage physical servers in their own facilities.


The PatriotColocate solution provides full-service hosting on a “U” by “U” basis:


  • At a major colocation facilities and at the highest security level (L5) that is

  • Coupled with world-class, broad spectrum technology support.


In essence clients have their own virtual data center with all the “bells and whistles”  associated with a Level 5 data center, but at a very affordable cost

        Patriot IT has created Mini Data Centers for small to medium size clients.