About Us 

Patriot IT's DNA can be found in the knowledge and experience of our founder and president, Marty Wilkins. Marty specialized in logistics at his posting to a U.S. Navy supply vessel.  His responsibilities included the management of logistics required for carrier task forces.  The berth required conformance with the highest level of national security--he holds a 'top secret' clearance.

The solutions and services offered have their foundation in its logistics core competencies--Patriot ITs portfolio requires significant logistics expertise.  The knowledge is a requirement to provide a controlled environment for the procurement, maintenance, transport, and ultimately the destruction of end-of-life IT equipment.

Patriot IT Solutions is a

Veteran-owned small business.


Geographies and Industries Served


Patriot IT has a National Presence with Regional Control and Global Reach of business sectors. Providing quality service is the main element to earn client's trust and satisfaction.

Headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona with coordination through three regional offices:

HQ Scottsdale- Region I Lexington, Region II Austin, and Region III Las Vegas.

The served sectors include:

  • Commercial Offices

  • Industrial

  • Non-Commercial

  • NGOs

  • Social Media

  • Healthcare

  • Data Security

  • Software Development

  • IT Solutions, etc

Patriot IT is Cross service sector and Cross-industry Skilled.


The expert team served all these areas and sectors but we are not limited just to these areas. Our prime focus is to serve our clients to the best, covering all the locations and sectors.

The team's experience and expertise match with sector and industry requirements, our service industries are:

  • Defense

  • App Development

  • Security

  • Travel

  • Gaming

  • R & D

  • Academics

  • Financial

  • Social

  • Health Care

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Region III
Las Vegas
Region II
Region I