Adoption Resistance Mitigation

People tend to resist change -- a cloud migration can result in considerable change and disruption -- often with significantly new systems, processes, and even leadership.

Bottom line: If the human element is left unmanaged, you will struggle to execute a successful migration.  Fortunately, a change management plan with a few key strategies can ensure organization-wide buy-in and a smoother transition process.  

Patriot IT's Solution

Obtain leadership buy-in

Executive leadership is one of the primary factors influencing employee engagement and adoption, Patriot IT develops a strong executive buy-in right from the start. Our firm has a special program to assure that leadership understands the business case and objectives for the migration  -- they should take the responsibility for communicating the business case to the organization. When people understand the reason behind a change, they are more likely to get behind it.

Choose intuitive tech solutions

When choosing cloud solutions for your applications, prioritize usability and integration. The more intuitive and user-friendly the tool is, the more likely your employees will adopt it). Furthermore, applications that integrate with your current tech stack are more attractive to users because they can seamlessly connect the new tools to their other work. Integrations not only make the workflow smoother but increase employees’ efficiency. 

Invest in expert training and resources

Although the cloud will ideally make life easier for everyone, the adjustment can still be painful (which could slow down adoption). People may find the new processes confusing, complex, or difficult to integrate. Without proper training and support, they are more likely to keep using familiar tools. To make sure your users understand your new systems and processes, Patriot IT strongly recommends investing in a robust onboarding program. Employ experts to train and support employees on the new applications