PatriotCloud Mitigates Cloud Migration Challenges

There are a host of benefits to adopting the cloud computing process. Cloud computing has its challenges and we strive for the best results.

The top three challenges of cloud computing are:

  • Financial cost:  In the long run, the cost of cloud migration sees returns of increased efficiency, lower admin costs, and streamlined processes. Getting there can still feel like an (expensive) uphill battle.

  • Adoption resistance:  When it comes to migration success, it is often people who pose the biggest challenge. People tend to resist change. And a cloud migration brings a lot of change and disruption—often with significantly new systems, processes, and even leadership.

  • Skill shortage:  Despite the many benefits of cloud computing, the complexity of migrating stops many organizations in their tracks. One of the primary obstacles is finding people who have the skills to manage an effective migration.

Patriot IT is well aware of the experiences of many who chose to cloud migrate.  Our firm's solutions demonstrate that despite the intimidating challenges sensible migration is both possible AND probable.

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