Equipment Relocation

Relocation is undertaken to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and improve response times.  However, it must be noted that it is a highly complex set of tasks and activities.

To help assure that the so-called "migrations"  occur in a controlled, documented and professional manner, Patriot IT offers two focused services:

As companies grow, existing offices may no longer fit their needs. But moving into a new building is stressful, considering all of the desks, computers, furniture, files, and office equipment that need to be moved.  How does Patriot IT efficiently address that issue?

Organizations are reliant on IT.  Available technology is constantly upgrading.  Data center reconfiguration and relocation has become a significant need to support the new technologies and business requirements.


mismanaged data center equipment migration exposes the business to a significant degree of risk -- Whether it involves a single rack or an entire data center.  It is incombent to plan, manage and execute a migration at the highest levels of rigor and control.  How does Patriot IT efficiently address that issue?