Patriot IT's Organization

It is critical for firms providing data center management services to have well-defined management practices coupled with a strong, understandable organization. To assure that its management practices result in quality delivery, the firm employs a continuous improvement approach.  The methodology monitors performance to address identified deficiencies.  The goal of the investment is to ​exceed client expectations. ​

Our efforts have not gone without reward.  Most engagements result from repeat business,  validating that Patriot IT delivers on what is promised and achieves a high level of superior customer satisfaction. ​

As can be seen from the graphic the success of the firm's efforts to continuously improve Patriot IT’s management approach:​

  • Provides clients and partners with the ability to easily and immediately contact Patriot IT’s CEO and Founder to confidentially discuss issues of quality, delivery, etc.  ​

  • Establishes a peer level organizational function, reporting directly to the CEO for Quality Assurance -- validating that attention is paid to quality with defined standards and processes.​

Patriot Org.png
A Matrix Organization
  • Appoints for each specialized area of Patriot IT’s service portfolio, Practice leaders, who have trusted members of the firm -- well-recognized in their field of expertise as both subject matter specialists and project managers​

  • Assigns project managers who are single points of contact for clients and partners​