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ITAD - IT Asset Disposition

What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

The process of perfectly decommissioning and disposing of electronic devices and hardware is known as ITAD.

Why ITAD is important for IT Lifecycle Management?

Asset Lifecycle: Series of stages involving asset management from the planning phase, where the need of an asset is identified including all the phases, till the eventual disposal of that asset.

ITAD is an essential part of IT lifecycle management.

A data breach or theft protection is one of the main causes of IT asset disposition. Organizations store their data or work with any IT asset, while they are of no further use they are preferred to be destructed and disposed of securely to secure the data which is stored in it. Millions of records are stolen, to ensure the security of your data the asset is destructed.

Where does the asset go after performing ITAD to it?

There are multiple ways the asset can be benefitted from, this depends upon the owner of the asset. The owner can decide whether he wants to resell the device, recycle the material, or donate it.

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