Skill Shortage Mitigation

The complexity of migrating stops many organizations from implementing the solution -- a primary obstacle is finding sufficient people who have the best skills to deliver an effective migration.

As more organizations set their sights on the cloud, competition for migration experts has intensified. Unfortunately, the current demand for cloud experts exceeds the supply.  Indeed, one report by McAfee found that the skills gap in cybersecurity is responsible for slowing cloud migration for 40 percent of IT professionals.

Patriot IT's Solution

A shortage of professionals with the appropriate skill set may be the most difficult challenge to successful cloud adoption today.  In the short term, perhaps the only realist approach is to hire talent from experienced firms such as Patriot IT.

In the longer term it is best to cultivate cloud skills internally, a strategy that provides several advantages:

  • Current IT employees are already familiar with your legacy technology and existing processes

  • Working with existing talent can save you money and translate into a better financial investment.

However, this approach is not easy -- a robust internal training program will be a top priority --  a robust training program is a requirement that involves:

  • Building a culture of continuous learning

  • Aligning the training strategically with your business goals

  • Making training relevant to each employee’s role and operational environment

  • Being future-minded.