IT Solutions and Services

A commitment to excellence offers creative, innovative, and flexible IT solutions to the public, NGOs, and commercial clients.

Patriot IT differentiators are just not limited, rather we serve as Patriot secure services to all the sectors.

·  Our People

·  Performance-Based Processes

·  Integrated Solutions Teams

·  Transparent and well-documented communications with clients

·  Understanding of the requirements from the perspectives of technology and


. Certified service providers.

​. Follow the policies

. Works as per the set of rules to gain excellent results

We pledge to provide clients with:

  • Open, honest, and real-time communication

  • Administrative services, commercial services, industrial services, packing and moving solutions, etc.

  • Professionals who are subject matter specialists -- matching the client’s specific industry needs

  • A team that is trained in and follows the firm’s standard operating procedures

  • An organization in which activities are monitored by an independent quality assurance function following ISO 900-like policies.  


We have an industry-recognized demonstrated ability to deliver quality service.

Our Services

1. Certified Hard Drive Destruction/Equipment Disposal.
IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is an essential component of the IT equipment lifecycle. It is the practice of how and where the end-of-life IT equipment is disposed of including complete process documentation for matching data security standards.

2. Professional Relocation of Office Equipment.

Organizations are reliant on IT, therefore, a mismanaged data center migration will expose the business to a significant degree of risk.

3. Specialized Relocation of Rack-Mounted Equipment.

Patriot, IT provides migration services designed to carefully control the migration -- achieving on-time and on-budget results – without any sacrifice of quality.

4. Government Services.

Patriot IT can execute contracts on Federal, State, and Local levels.  The work effort can be carried out as a prime or subcontractor.