Special Data Center Decommission Pricing Offer! 

At Patriot IT Solutions, we understand the importance of a seamless and eco-friendly data center decommission project. To ensure your complete satisfaction and contribute to a sustainable future, we are thrilled to introduce an exclusive pricing offer for projects that are scheduled through the end of 2023, including free de-cabling and recycling services. When you choose Patriot for your full Data Center Decommission project, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive package that covers every step of the process.

Our All-Inclusive Package Includes the Following:

De-Installation of All Devices: With Patriot IT Solutions, our experienced team takes utmost care in meticulously and efficiently de-installing all devices within your data center. We employ best practices to ensure proper handling, preventing any damage during the process. From servers to networking equipment, our team has the knowledge and skill to safely remove all devices, minimizing downtime and guaranteeing a smooth de-installation experience. You can trust us to handle your valuable IT assets with the utmost professionalism and care, providing you with peace of mind during this critical phase of your data center decommissioning project.

Environmentally-Conscious Rails Removal: We take responsibility for every aspect of your data center decommissioning, including the careful removal of rails. Our team ensures diligent and safe handling throughout the process. Depending on your preference and environmental considerations, we offer two eco-friendly options. Firstly, rails can be sent to a local recycler for sustainable disposal, promoting green practices and reducing waste. Alternatively, if you wish to keep the rails, we’ll expertly pack and ship them along with the devices.

Packaging and Palletizing for Shipping: With Patriot IT Solutions, we go the extra mile in ensuring the safe transportation of your decommissioned devices. Our team excels in securely packaging and palletizing all the decommissioned equipment. We utilize high-quality materials and industry-proven techniques to protect each pallet of devices from potential movement during transit. Whether it’s servers, switches, storage arrays, or any other IT equipment, our approach guarantees that your assets arrive at their destination intact. With our extensive experience in logistics and shipping, we streamline the entire process, saving you time and effort. Trust us to handle the intricate details of packaging and palletizing, providing you with peace of mind and a seamless transition in your data center decommissioning project.

Dedicated Freight Transportation Solutions: Leave the logistics to Patriot IT Solutions, and enjoy a stress-free experience as we take charge of your freight transportation needs as part of your data center decommissioning project. Our team specializes in dedicated and secure transportation services, ensuring a timely and reliable delivery to your desired destination. From local to nationwide deliveries, we provide you with flexible and cost-effective shipping options. With our commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your valuable assets will reach their destination safely and on schedule

Eco-Friendly Disposal of Cabinets, Racks, and Ladder Racks: The successful decommissioning of your data center hinges on the responsible removal of cabinets, racks, and ladder racks. Our expert team takes great care in handling these components, ensuring they are disassembled and removed with utmost efficiency. To promote sustainability, we offer two options for the disposal of these items. Firstly, we collaborate with local recycling facilities to ensure that cabinets, racks, and ladder racks are responsibly recycled, minimizing their impact on the environment. Alternatively, if you have a specific location in mind for their disposal, we’ll carefully pack and ship these components to your desired location.

Complimentary De-Cabling and Responsible Recycling: As a token of our commitment to exceptional service, we are thrilled to offer you FREE de-cabling and recycling services as part of your data center decommissioning project. Our team takes pride in handling the entire process with precision and care.

Cable removal is a critical phase in data center decommissioning process, and our team is well-versed in the intricacies of cable removal. With utmost efficiency, we will disentangle and remove all cables, ensuring a seamless and tidy process.  As champions of environmental responsibility, we place great importance on recycling. Rest assured that all removed cables will undergo eco-friendly recycling processes, minimizing waste and contributing to a sustainable future.

This exclusive offer not only ensures a smooth decommissioning experience but also underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive and environmentally conscious solutions. By partnering with Patriot IT Solutions, you can be confident that your project is in the hands of professionals who prioritize both exceptional service and environmental stewardship.

Exclusive Limited-Time Offer: We are thrilled to extend this exceptional pricing offer for a limited time, presenting you with an incredible opportunity to entrust your data center decommission project to Patriot IT Solutions. The clock is ticking, so don’t delay in taking advantage of this advantageous proposal.

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