Our commitment to excellence offers creative, innovative, and flexible IT solutions to customers nationwide.


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is an essential component of the IT equipment lifecycle. It is the practice of how and where the end-of-life IT equipment is disposed of including complete process documentation for matching data security standards.



On-site shredding is now available!

Get secure, documented destruction of

·  Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 

·  Solid State Drive (SSD)

·  USB/Flash Drives         

·  Smartphones                

·  CD's                              

and more while maintaining chain of custody.


Data Center services for equipment being installed, relocated, decommissioned, or consolidated into cabinets and racks.



All computer, networking, and server equipment expertly disconnected, securely packaged and transported then re-installed at destination.


Patriot IT can execute contracts on Federal, State, and Local levels. The work effort can be carried out as a prime or subcontractor.



Patriot IT's DNA can be found in the knowledge and experience of founder and president, Marty Wilkins. Marty specialized in logistics at his posting to a U.S. Navy supply vessel. His responsibilities included the management of logistics required for carrier task forces. The berth required conformance with the highest level of national security. . . he maintains a 'top secret' clearance.


Patriot-Delivers™ encompasses all logistics, handling, and transportation of IT Equipment.