Physical destruction of a device is the ultimate way to prevent others from retrieving your information. Patriot Hard Drive Destruction services are designed for computer drives and other devices. The sanitization method destroys the media at your facility. The result is remaining physical pieces of the drive are small enough (at least 1.5″ inches) that your information cannot be reconstructed from them.
Hard drives, SSDs, and/or backup tapes are moved from your data center to our shredding truck for processing. The purpose of performing the service on-site is to allow the client to WITNESS and VERIFY that the media have truly been destroyed and that the process has been documented.
Hard drives pulled from servers, storage arrays, and computers are staged in our scanning area. Once collected, drives are scanned and inventoried for a detailed Certificate of Destruction report. The process complies with NIST (U.S. National Institute of Science and Technology) 80-88 requirements as well other data privacy laws such as HIPAA
Our Certificate of Destruction details the quantity and type of digital destroyed, serial number, location, and company personnel that witnessed the process. The report requires, among other details, a link between the hard drive being destroyed and the computer from which it resided. This information includes the make and model of the hard drive as well as the source computer.