While no two projects are the same, our firm employs a relocation template to assure that consistency and completeness are achieved in all cases:
All These Steps are Performed Within an Envelope of Quality Monitoring and Real-Time Client Reporting Controlled with SOPs and Compliant with the Regulatory Environment.
Step 1: The client raises a query about migration and its plan.
Step 2: We make a plan by consulting the client and confirming the date of migration.
Step 3: We form a team of experts according to the requirements.
Step 4: Even after having an expert team, training the team according to the migration plan is the most important part.
Step 5: Team carefully loads the data into the system safely.
Step 6: The data is then been un-racked for further processing.
Step 7: Packaging the assets carefully according to their types.
Step 8: The packages are then migrated to the desired location safely.
Step 9: If the client has requested the destruction and disposal of the asset or data. Then our team proceeds for the same, following the data security method.
Step 10: The packaged assets are then been unpacked at the desired location by the expert team.
Step 11: The assets are then re-stacked carefully and installed.
Step 12: As per the service when the client is satisfied and accepts the work of our expert team.
Step 13: After the acceptance of the service provided, the Final Report is been generated.
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