As companies grow, existing offices may no longer fit their needs. But moving into a new building is stressful, considering all of the desks, computers, furniture, files, and office equipment that need to be moved.
It might be tempting to ask employees to move items themselves, but it’s not a good idea. They can injure themselves carrying heavy furniture, and equipment can become damaged or destroyed. These unexpected costs can add up to be drastic. Our teams are trained to optimally pack, load, transport, and unload items in minimal time.
For each project, Patriot IT assigns an experienced migration to address all the details from start to finish. This includes removal and re-installation of office furniture and partitions, labeling and cataloging each item — the approach helps to assure that components are not misplaced. Items are appropriately padded/wrapped for transport — once arrived at the new facility they are unloaded promptly.
Typical tasks executed by Patriot IT for this service include, but are not limited to the following:
If a facility rents any of its professional equipment, such as its copiers, the vendors of that equipment often require that it be moved by their team. Well in advance, vendors of any leased equipment are contacted to arrange transport to the new facility. We plan for the fact that some components—such as toner—may need to be removed by the vendor as well.
All computers, printers, and other equipment should be disconnected ahead of time. Everything should be unplugged and placed on work surfaces for easy transport. All cables, keyboards, power cords, and other small items should be gathered and labeled according to the moving company’s instructions. The movers will then pack the remaining equipment, like computers, printers, and copiers, with professional-grade supplies to ensure safety during transport.
The new facility will be optimized to accept the furniture, equipment, and supplies. Patriot Delivers is utilized to plan where each item will go in advance. It also means that our firm will do the required activities to assure that cables, power strips, and other necessary accessories are in place when items are delivered. Pre-planning helps to avoid chaos and stress on moving days.