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(sixteen) He painted somewhere around 900 paintings for the duration of his job that lasted a decade. (seventeen) “Starry Night time,” which is at present in the Museum of Fashionable Artwork at New York, is typically regarded as his most exceptional work. Choose the greatest transitional term or phrase to use concerning sentences fourteen and 15.

A. In summary. C. In the meantime. rn(1) The Guinness Book of World Records was to start with released in 1954.

(2) The owner of Guinness Brewery, Sir Hugh Beaver, determined that it would be useful to most persons to have a guide that contained world documents that could be employed to settle arguments. (three) Beaver enlisted the enable of point finders Norris and Ross McWhirter to compile the guide. (four) They gave away a thousand copies of The Guinness Book of Records .

(5) Certain copies turned obtainable for sale in August 1955. (6) , the e-book went to the major of Britain’s greatest sellers checklist by Christmas. (7) The upcoming 12 months, the U. S. edition marketed 70,000 copies.

(8) Beaver by no means anticipated Guinness E book to be so successful. best essay writing service on reddit (9) It was intended to just be a advertising and marketing giveaway.

(ten) Additional than fifty decades later, the e book is even now publishing yearly updates. Choose the transition that best commences sentence six. rn the ebook went to the major of Britain’s ideal sellers listing by Xmas. A.

As a result, B. In conclusion, C. For case in point, D. Also,rn​ 4.

(one) It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and Cassie was sitting down on her lawn with her preferred book in her hand. (two) She wasn’t the only one basking in the sun. (three) Her doggy, Ozzy, sat future to her, happily actively playing with his new chew bone. (four) The complete scene appeared so great. (five) Cassie knew that this perfection was brief-lived. (six) She would before long go out of her house to go to college.

(seven) she experienced many uncertainties and apprehensions in her intellect about her potential, she saved them aside and decided to love her time at household. Which transitional term or phrase would ideal begin sentence 7? A. Actually B. Nevertheless C.

Having said that D. Similarly. 5.

Toniesha skipped driving course waiting on her older brother to choose her up. , he was at the mall with his pals. Choose the transition that ideal fits the blank. A. In the meantime B. In other words C. For case in point D. Whether or not. 6. Guiliano suggests most of his vacation had nothing to do with environment a Guinness Environment File. In its place, the outings have been linked to his career as a journalist. It wasn’t till 2001 that just one of his good friends suggested that he test for the history. On February 24, 2004 he traveled to London to demonstrate his planet document to Guinness with forty two passports. , he may possibly under no circumstances have been in a position to confirm that he visited all individuals places. Guiliano chose Suriname as the very last sovereign point out to check out due to the fact it is the only Dutch speaking country in Latin The us. He claimed the nation’s blend of ethnicities and cultures make it just one of his favorites. Opt for the transition that ideal matches the blank. rn, he could in no way have been able to confirm that he frequented all those places. A. Furthermore B. In any other case C. Irrespective of the actuality D. Even even though. rn(one) Lakewood Junior Large School college students determined to declare their unhappiness with numerous university rules.

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